Building a strong personal brand

Not only creates credibility and trust

You can charge higher prices that people are willing to pay for

This prospect, now client told me that she was looking for someone to help her
write a new resume and cover letter as she's looking to pursue new

She told me that she initially looked at online classified ad sites
(Kijiji/Craigslist) to find a resume writer.

Although the prices are a lot cheaper compared to some resume writers on
LinkedIn, the ads looked sketchy and she didn't think she would get what she

So she reached out to me, we had a consultation call and with a bit of pitching,
such as explaining how I worked, showcasing my value and what I've done for
other clients, she went ahead and decided to work with me, even though she would
be paying more than hiring a resume writer from the classifieds.

Here's 5 quick tips on how you can build your credibility online:

šŸ”¹ Get professional photos done
šŸ”¹ Build a simple, yet proper website (e.g. Squarespace)
šŸ”¹ Get a proper domain and Email address (do not use Gmail for you business)
šŸ”¹ Setup online payment options such as Stripe so there's a record of a
šŸ”¹ Establish a social media following and create content consistently

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