Building a company as a 1st time Founder is a topic I see very few people

In the last 5 months at BimaPe, I have learned that only one thing matters:

🎨"Create an environment where contributors love the process of company &
product building; despite all the pressures inherent in the journey."

Building a company is:
1%: moments of delight - fundraising, press feature or major product launch
9%: moments of terror - investor saying 'no, competition 'copying' you or
negative customer feedback
90%: grind - testing the same feature x20 times on customer calls, repeating the
same pitch to key candidates and prospective investors.

Success as a company, therefore, depends on what you do in 90% of the time -
"the grind"

⚡If you want to ship 1 feature per week, speak with 15+ customers per week and
grow >30% Month-on-Month:

You need to be comfortable with:
🤦Receiving feedback from your team - Abraz, Vishrut & Kunal are quick to call
bull shit on what I do
✋Encourage your team to speak up - Nishant, Krish and Pranav are the 'quieter'
persons on the team - I ask others to shut up in QA sessions to hear them.

We're working > 60 hours per week - up at 5 AM answering customer queries; it is

Discover your hidden insurance:

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Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn