These days, podcasts are getting a lot of attention and the majority of people have already switched to it. Now, there is a good chance to increase your follower base through podcasts.

But, you know you need to hire someone who would be an expert in Audio recording and processing. And that would surely ruin your budget!

How amazing it would be that if a tool would be there which makes audio processing and recording super-easy?

Let’s meet! BounceCast

In the following post, I am going to give you detailed BounceCast Overview

What is BounceCast?

BounceCast is an intelligent digital audio app designed to record, enhance and master podcasts and video audio automatically on desktop and mobile.

Tool Details:

Tool NameBounceCast
Free TrialForever
Platform SupportedDesktop and Mobile
BounceCast Website

BounceCast Features

Record and Trim

BounceCast allows you to record audio on mobile or desktop platforms. Record and get a preview of your recorded audio with or without smart enhancement and Trim exactly where you need to.

Control over Unwanted Frequencies

For meeting the professional standard, Resonance and eq control is applied based on automatic data-driven analysis on your recorded audio. Thus, improving the overall quality of your audio.

Automatic Leveling

BounceCast lets you view real-time analysis based the fluctuation like Loudness, Pitch and etc.

Smart Enhancement

The feature why you gonna love BounceCast. Intelligent application of subtractive equalization, transparent compression, peak limiting, and level normalization.

All Format Supported

WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC and Ogg-Vorbis file formats for both file uploading and exporting.

How BounceCast Works?

Podcasts: Easily record and instantly master podcasts in the studio and mobile

Audio, Video, and Vlogs: Get Professional-level audio through bouncecast and master video’s audio content easily.

BounceCast Competitors

In the field of audio recording and processing, there are a lot of tools available. But, BounceCast stands out from them as you will get so many numbers of features while paying very less.

BounceCast beats the following tools:

  • Audacity
  • Ocenaudio
  • Visio pro

BounceCast Reviews

AppSumo: 3.5 / 5 stars

We have combined the reviews from the entire internet given by the users of BounceCast:

Usefulness - 3 stars

Ease to Setup -  3 stars

User Interface - 3 Stars

Customer Support - 4 stars

BounceCast Free Plan

BounceCast offers the following things with the free plan:

  1. Convert an existing audio file to a different format
  2. Record and trim your podcasts
  3. Supports all major file formats

Pricing Comparison

Normal PriceAppSumo Price
100$ for a year$39 for LifeTime

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