✈️BimaPe hit a key milestone yesterday - 5,000 members!✈️

🕑When Abraz, Nishant, Kunal, Vishrut, Eashan and I launched BimaPe out of
stealth mode on 31.10.2020 - we set a 30% MoM growth target.

📈That target would be ~5,000 members by 21st March (more details on why soon).
We smashed the goalpost ~45 days earlier than planned.

❓ What are we proud about?
1. Product-led growth 💸
- 0 CAC to acquire 5,000 users for a (new) insurance product for the Indian

2. Our culture 💪
- Product ethos (you can see it in our team composition)
- Radically transparent (open feedback from the team)
- Strong bias for action (moving fast)
(You can ask our newest team members - Pranav, Vedika & Abhinav about this)

3. Building a 0-1 product 👛
- Wallet by BimaPe does not have a foreign comparable; we're building the
infrastructure and interface from the ground up.

🤷We've been through some 'difficult' times, which I will highlight tomorrow (I
don't want to ruin your Sunday)

🙏For now, I would like to thank you for the feedback & support on LinkedIn - it
is our 3rd largest user acquisition channel and our primary talent acquisition

👉If you aren't signed up to BimaPe; join 5,000+ today via:

#startups #india

Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/rahul-jaideep-mathur