BimaPe has been 'bootstrapped' for 4 months.

Corporate restructuring delayed capital infusion into our operating entity,
today this has changed -

With tranche 1 of our Pre-Seed hitting our Indian bank account, we're moving
from a defensive stance to offensive stance.

Over the next 6 months, we will be:
a. Adding 10+ members to our team
b. Bringing our product out of stealth mode
c. Launching our India Stack integrations
d. Getting our IRDAI brokerage licence

About BimaPe:
- Building a consumer friendly digital insurance product on the India Stack (in
- Strong Product ethos (x5 repeat operators at the 0-1 stage).
- Culture of ownership centered around harnessing talent (more here:
- 3,700+ members in 64 days of 'launch' via Product driven growth ("0 CAC")

We're hiring!
- Extended 2 offers to candidates who responded to our LinkedIn post on hiring
last week.
- (Full-time) Engineering/Product roles come with an ESOP grant in our Delaware
C-Corp parent entity.
- If you know anyone who would fit in a Product-first insurance venture, please
read below

I opened my LinkedIn app to 200+ DMs - open roles & instructions here:
And, please view our current public product before applying

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Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn