Bill Gates famously said - "I will always choose a lazy man to do a hard job because a lazy man will find an easy way to do it."

Essentially he means Be Lazy First to find out the Easiest Way and do the Hard Work Second After You Find Out the Easiest Way.

People think that I work hard to figure out the solutions I have created right now for Non-Techies/Non-Marketers to launch Digital Marketing Campaigns or Online Courses.

But, in reality, its the complete opposite.

I am always finding the laziest way to launch, as I am "Tech Overwhelmed" whenever I see that there are too many things before I can launch.

Imagine this - You want to go out on a car, and it takes more than 10 minutes to start.

You will lose your hope and skip going out.

The same thing happens with a Digital Marketing Campaign or an Online Course.

The more "Hard Work" people need to put in at the beginning, their chances of actually launching a campaign become smaller and smaller, and they give up.

Right now, I have brought down both ( Launching a Digital Marketing Campaign & An Online Course) down to a single Link because I have always put Lazy First, Hard Work Second