⚡Big release from Engineering @ BimaPe today!⚡

After crossing ₹250 Crore (~$33.7M) in Term Insurance cover last week on Wallet
by BimaPe, we're opening public access to 'Know Your Insurance' (KYI)

Why should you even care?
🤯Insurance documents are length (30+ pages) and written like legal documents!

❓With KYI, your insurance document gets converted (in ~2 mins) into an
interactive UI explaining key facts about your policy in simple words

⚙️We applied Graph Theory & Reinforcement Learning to build 'Policy
Deconstruction Algorithm' (PDA) which powers this feature.

🕒This feature is live for Term Insurance & Health Insurance (limited
availability) - Motor Insurance is coming soon!

👏Its taken 45 days for Vishrut, Eashan, Kunal, Nishant, Pranav & Abraz to train
the models, iterate on the UX and test reliability.

👉 Even if you don't have any insurance, Wallet by BimaPe
(https://wallet.bimape.com/) lets you start by discovering your hidden insurance

And, if you have a Term/Health Insurance, we'd love to hear your feedback.

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Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/rahul-jaideep-mathur