"Bhaiya 10 Rs ke chane dena"
I have asked a cart seller.

While he was packing
My phone rang, It was one of the customers.

I put the phone on my shoulder
Tilted my head & started talking.

On another side, i took out my wallet
& handed over a note to that seller.

I kept on talking over the phone
finally, phone ended after 7-8 mins

I found that chandala standing there itself,
I thought he might be waiting for other customers.

I started walking, where he called me
"Are sir, chutte to lete jao"

I turned my face towards him,
He said "Sir, aapke 40 Rs"

I opened my wallet and found that
I had given 50 Rs note to him.

I smiled at him,
told him to pack chana for it too.

Money grows business,
But Honesty grows business & respect both.