Better Tomorrow.

Everyone agrees that we should invest for a better tomorrow - better air, better
water, better energy, better food, better weather, and more for a better planet
for our kids and grandkids and everyone else.

But it is incredibly hard in practice. Even harder in early-stage venture. And
similarly hard to the charity donations we want to do but we end up way short
than we want/aim to.

At Better, I've been "actively guilty" of this because while I've reiterated the
above in my mind for the last 2 years with the intent to change it - I couldn't.

That changes NOW.

This quarter we committed to investing in 3 companies that will lead us to a
Better Tomorrow.

All incredible founders. All building amazing companies for a better tomorrow.
All venture scale thinkers.

I will share more when they are ready to announce more. Till then, I am starting
a list of people who "care about tomorrow" and will vote with their money by
investing in sustainability. DM-me if this is you :)

#venturecapital #founders #startups

Originally posted by Vaibhav Domkundwar on LinkedIn