Best Tip To Get More Clients :


It is not possible to convert every client you connect with you on call. ❌

Sometimes the client might have budget constraints. Sometimes you might not have
the bandwidth to take up a project. Sometimes you might not feel comfortable
doing the project. Their can be innumerable reasons. 🤔

But one thing that stays with you is your integrity and transparency to guide
the client in a proper way. 😍

Leave an everlasting impression on the minds of the clients with that 15 min
conversation. ✅✅

The deal might not reach the closure stage but it can turn out to be a win win
situation for you.

When you help your clients solve their problems, listen their concerns and help
them in best possible way, they are bound to remember you for lifetime. 🤩🤩

This is the best way to be on top minds of your prospective clients. ✔✔

Some of the clients I get come to me through referrals of these potential

P.S : Treat every client you connect with as your only client. That is how you
should strike conversations to build long term relationships. Do you agree?
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