"Believe in magic and see how it happens 💫❤️"

This is one of the favourite dialogues of mine from the Barbie movies.

As a kid, the only friend of mine were Barbies- the dolls, the stories, the
games and the magical feeling.

I would look forward to new movies each year and they would come out during the
Christmas time each year.

My favourite memory of Christmas is believing in the magical world of Barbie.

Now that I know Barbie isn't real, magic isn't real, the stories aren't real but
there is a part of me which still believes in the magic of Barbie.

It looks at impossible scenarios and listens to its heart say 'Believe in magic
and see how it happens'.

From exams to any other difficulties, the magic I've always cherished is the

Barbie and it's magical world gave me that confidence to have faith in myself.

Magic is believing in yourself and fiction portrays the potential of this magic.

Fiction isn't a lie, it's just a different perspective towards the world, do you

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