Being a morning person or a night person is simply a psychological block,
nothing more.

Growing up, I always found myself more productive at night. During JEE days, I
used to study till 2 am and wake up at 8 am. This trend continued through my
college days till the first few months of my job. I was a night person.

After that, I got a boss who was a morning person, so I started sleeping at 11
pm and waking up at 5 am. In the project after that, I again got a boss who was
a night person, and I shifted my sleep timings accordingly.

I can be a morning person today and a night person tomorrow, depending on the
requirement as long as I am getting my 6 hours of sleep, simply because it is
just a psychological block. In today's time, this flexibility is extremely

If you say you can't work effectively in the mornings because you are a night
person, or vice versa, you are simply providing yourself an easy excuse.


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