Before getting to Day 1 of building Threado, I spent over a year being in the <0
phase. Did a few consulting gigs, explored many ideas, was lost for days
(months) etc. Here are my key takeaways:

😨 Get over the inertia: “I’m waiting for a Tech co-founder”, “I need to raise
first”, “Someone else has already built this” are all internal excuses. Six
questions to focus on: Where can you add value? What problems can you relate to?
Do many others face the same problem? How are they solving it today? Can a
better solution exist? What’s the simplest version of the solution?

🛣 Plan for the runway: You’ll take your time to land on a path. Give yourself
enough financial runway to experiment, iterate and be yourself. (a year at

💸 Bootstrapping vs raising capital: important to think about why you need the
capital and why now? Maybe the answer is finding the right partner for capital
but if you don’t need it now, focus on building solutions that delight your

🤝 Set yourself up for serendipity: open yourself to people who trust you,
connect with new people, new communities and learn from every interaction.

🛠 Execute: ideas don’t become real without the effort. Show up everyday, keep
shipping, and iterating!

May the force of compounding be with you.

Originally posted by Pramod Rao on LinkedIn