šŸ“ˆ Becoming a Succesful Startup CEO - Learn from the Best

Jason Lemkin sold his first startup to Adobe for $400M and has invested over
$20M as an angel investor, amongst other outstanding achievements.

Here's what he advises for your CEO journey:

āœ… Manage people now
50% of the job of a CEO is recruiting a team, leading a team, empowering a team,
and persuading a team. So starting managing someone today, even if it's just one

āœ… Work for the best CEO you can
Join the management team of the best start-up that will have you. Learn all you
can. Soak it in.

āœ… Find One Great Mentor
After you become a founder or CEO, find a mentor that has done it in your
industry and who you can confide in.

āœ… Hire people better than you
This can be hard but it is the best thing for your company.
And you will learn a lot.
Remember, the best jockeys look for the fastest horses.

To be more than what you are, you need to find it outside yourself.

Who has been the biggest influence on your startup CEO journey to date?


Source: Jason Lemkin

Posted by David Hauser on LinkedIn
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