Customer : Your price is higher compared to other vendors

Salesperson : That’s because our quality is world class

Customer : What about your after sales service? Last time, we had a bad experience with the previous vendor

Salesperson : Sir, our biggest differentiator is our top notch post sales service

Customer : What if this product doesn’t work as per the expectation?

Salesperson : We have used the best raw material to manufacture this product, so it will definitely work as planned

<Customer still doesn’t buy>

Here’s the problem with this sales pitch - When you say ‘world class’, ‘top notch’, ‘best quality’ - your customer has no idea of what you are talking about!

Everyone says they are ‘world class’. So much so, that these words have lost their essence

You need to quantify your metrics and make it tangible for the customer.

For instance, this product will help you save 7% of your maintenance cost over the next 9 months which roughly works out to be Rs. 43,000.

The customer can visualise a loss of 43,000 but not ‘best quality product’

So if you want to improve your close rate, make it ‘tangible/real’ for your customer.