Basic navigation to dating/ online dating for younger generation from a guy
friend's perspective (who has a successful relationship with his woman. No! it's
not me, this is just a good share to help people).

Sharing as he has some amazing points, intended towards women:

If you're looking to reach at a stage with a guy where he automatically starts
understanding you (to a level where you don't have to even say anything) and can
expect the same from you, you have to give enough time to:

- Communicate with each other about how you'd like your life to be with them

- Give/ take feedback to each other about the way they behave and the way you

- Allow/ disallow things to say and do to each other equally

- Be brutally honest with each other

- Keep your shields aside

A guy doesn't become less of a human being if he can't "Impress" you in few
lines or doesn't instantly start relating to you, that's not how "Clicking with
someone works". People take time to establish their feelings with each other
from both sides. You alone don't get the benefit of the doubt, the guy gets it
too. Be open to listen before you start cancelling on them.

You always have a choice to:

- Start and/or not continue a conversation with a guy after knowing them for the
first time but it is completely unfair to try to judge someone in 30 seconds. It
is even more disturbing when you just cancel on the guy if he says something you
don't want to hear instead of correcting them.

- Swipe right and/or left, but once you've swiped right on a guy (because they
swiped right on you as well) it is idiotic & unfair to tell them you can't talk
to them because you're getting messages from so many guys that you don't have
time. Swiping on someone means, you agree to explore the connection with the
person. You DO NOT have to swipe right if you can't manage to talk to everyone.
You can't have everything. Men obviously do a lot more things wrong too, but
this post particular post is for you women.

- If you're someone who wants to click with a guy without giving out too much
information, make the guy aware that he shouldn't ask personal questions instead
of going silent on them when they are trying to figure out what you'd like to
talk about. It is extremely idiotic to expect someone to figure you out without
telling them what you're looking for (this is for every woman out there).

- Clear your intentions before going on a date. Okay we get it, you want to keep
things mysterious, but it is unfair to not reveal when YOU are confused and
can't make a decision. You won't become less of a human being if you explain
your situation clearly.

If you hate men and don't want anything to do with us:

- Don't tell us individually without expecting confrontation.

- Have the courage to step up and admit it to everyone at once and live your
life accordingly instead of cribbing in front of every person individually just
to validate yourself.

If you like men and like to be friends with us:

- We will not judge you if you let us know you're only looking for friendship.
If some of us do judge you, practice your choice to walk away instead of going
right into it and stereotype us to all your girlfriends. We know we stereotype
you too, and that is why those of us who do, do not deserve you.

- If the intention is only to become friends, STOP trying to be mysterious.

- If the intention is to get into a relationship, let us know after a few
conversations. We like to hear it as much as you like to know that we'll be
committed to you. This has to be both ways.

Lastly, please feel free to be yourself more and more. Last minute revelations
about your likes/ dislikes just because we couldn't figure it out ourselves "all
this while" are scary. We're pretty sure you'd be scared too when we do it.