Bangalore police has registered an FIR against the woman who accused a Zomato
delivery executive of assault. There are many pleasing outcomes of Chandranee
vs. Kamaraj:
1) The little guy could fight back. Kamaraj presented his case calmly &
logically. Chandranee, a make-up artist, did not know that bruise could not have
resulted from a punch. Kamaraj knew.

2) Zomato approached the issue with poise. They supported Chandranee's expenses,
but they also extended help to Kamaraj. May the truth prevail.

3) The police too did a fine job. They registered a complaint against Kamaraj.
But now they have also registered an FIR against Chandranee for wrongful
restraint, assault, intentional insult & criminal intimidation.

4) 'Influencers' have an unfair advantage in selling one side of the narrative.
Not this time. The internet took up the case of the man with no social media

5) We remembered what delivery executives did for us in 2020. The pandemic
raised their stature, even if their salaries are yet to rise.

It is now important to not let the selfish action of one woman turn the internet
misogynistic. 30% women in India have experienced physical violence since the
age of 15, as per the government.

Let's not forget that we are all in this sideshow together.

Originally posted by Yashaswi Kumar on LinkedIn