August 2015 - January 2021 : Explained in a series of photos that are both
traumatic and enriching.

1. Aug 2015 : Posing in the gym I used to go to. I'd get my trainer friend Vijay
B, to shoot my videos every Sunday between 1-5. Eventually got thrown out of
that gym because the trainers (other than Vijay) thought I was stealing their
clientele by distributing free fitness knowledge on YouTube. Didn't know what to
do next.

2. Jan 2016 : Started shooting videos with @through_the_glass_eye in the open
gym at 5 gardens. People would stare, my body would get destroyed and my skin
burnt badly. But we had to keep creating videos to sustain the YouTube dream.
Took a toll on my mental health.

3.Aug 2015 - Aug 2016 : For 1 year of my life, I trained people to make ends
meet. My most famous client was my guy @tanmaybhat. Needed to make money because
this was a start up from day 1. Tanmay also showed me HOW to run a social media

4. Sep 2016 : Stopped training because my YT earnings became roughly 30k a
month. 50k less than training but it was good enough.

5. Jan 2017 : Launched fashion content for the first time on my YT channel. Big
move since nobody in India was doing it back then. Was huge for us.

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Originally posted by Ranveer Allahbadia on LinkedIn