At the age of 19,
I was working as a sales boy in a fevicol brand store named "hobby ideas"!

It was a part-time job,
6 PM to 10 PM!

As a college student, The only thing i was looking at,
is to earn some pocket money
& to fulfil my passion to learn sales!

One day VP of sales
She visited the store!

She called one by one every salesman
And it was my turn now!

She asked " So Dhruvam, How do you find working here" I replied, "Extremely

She smiled and asked, " What have you learnt?" I replied "Ma'am, to convince
customer by explaining values they get when they purchase the product"

She added, "why it is so important?"
I replied "Ma'am, our products are priced little higher compare to other product
in the market. Customer compare it straight by checking MRP on the packet, so
until someone explains to them what additional benefits they are going to get,
why will they pay any extra?"

She looked at me & said,
"very good, keep it Up!"

When passion is the driving force,
appreciation is inevitable.

Originally posted by Dhruvam Thaker on Facebook