At one of my Portfolio Startup Launch, I got chance to meet one of Founder's

A self made businessmen with greatest clarity of principles of Entrepreunrship.

A businessmen who is having an worth of around 1000cr.

While we were talking, he told me his story of his Eureka Moment.

He started up way back in 1992 / 93.

He started producing.

He was getting his product delivered in small quantities (retail) to the buyers
place of business.

He was making good money like 4k per day in 1993 ( margin of 10 Rs per piece YOY
growth of 100%).

Then one day he realized that even if he is making more money, getting product
delivered is not his core business.

His core business is producing it.

Delivering product will make him a delivery company and won't be able to scale
the core.

So that day he stopped it, now he was only producing and wholesalers procured
from him.

Form 10 Rs per piece, profit came down to 50 paisa per piece.

Over a period of three years he surpassed the profit margin 3x times

And 27 years down the line more than 1000 Cr.

The gist is, in Entrepreunrship you will get a lot of chance to make money but
success comes to entrepreneurs who stick to their Core business.

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Posted by Sivesh Kumar on LinkedIn