Validate Your Startup Idea. Let's meet.

I left my last well paid job in March 2004. I "Validated Idea" of building my
first startup. How come i knew already that i could be able to serve 200 clients
across the World.

In 2008, I was slow with some International projects and wanted to start
something for India with Unique Idea. How come i VALIDATED that idea, nobody was
working upon it in India and i already knew this could work... And after raising
funding twice, i was The First to Build Business around Unique Idea for
aftermarket of automotive. How did i VALIDATE the ideas. How i know it will

Let's meet to discuss "How to Validate startup Idea" at small gathering where i
am speaker at INNOV8, Koramangla, Bangalore. It's free for all entrepreneurs.
Please fill this form and meet on FRIDAY, 6pm.

Registration Free at https://lnkd.in/fPEk7XT

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Validate Your Startup Idea

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