Ask yourself?

Why is there need of micro-management?

Is this to keep a check, if you hired the right guy in your team or not.

You don't deserve to be a hiring manager, if you couldn't identify the potential
and talent of a candidate you are interviewing for last 3-4 rounds.

And if you did well and still micro-managing

You are not just making others life hell by putting your words in their mouth,
irritating them by bringing different roadblocks in their working, but you are
ruining your skills, expertise and losing the employees (loyalty) too.

Think of a war time, senior officials of army micro-managing soldiers on the
ground rather than fighting the war.

Collaboration tools are good, keeping everyone aligned, but then comes these
time tracking and monitoring platforms, I don't know how these are helping
others except the freelance industry.

Empathy, Trust, Leadership and Loyalty is what that matters the most.