🔥 Asana’s Culture Deck 🔥

Company culture paved Asana’s road to success.
This is what YOU can learn from Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein!

Asana has:
➡️ Secured $200+ million in VC funding since its founding.
➡️ Recorded 57% YoY revenue growth in Q2 2020.
➡️ Attained a market value of ~$5.5 billion after its direct listing.

What's its secret?

✅ A clearly defined mission and values;
Including equanimity, egolessness, and transparency.

✅ A balanced management philosophy.
Too much management blocks creativity, the lack of management inhibits personal

✅ No meetings on Wednesdays.
Let employees focus on work, rather than meetings (at least one day a week)!

✅ Ask “why” 5 times.
After the 5th “why”, you reach the root of the problem — and learn how to avoid
it in the future!

... And more!

To access the FULL deck, take a look at the attached PDF! 👇 👇

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