As the first week of the year concludes, what are you shooting for this year? We
have over 50 weeks to accomplish whatever we set out to do.

If you put your attention to anything for 12 months, you're going to see
progress. That progress may not come in the exact form you want along the way.
But your destination will be aligned with your efforts.

For me, this year is not about new resolutions. It's about continuing the
journey. I'm building based on the foundations from last year. Building a
business is all about the marathon with peaks and valleys.

Last year we experienced an incredible amount of growth. But with growth comes
new and bigger challenges. Each level of growth needs a different level of
thinking. Your level of thinking is connected to how you prepare and train. So
that's why I'm establishing new norms.

For starters, I'm establishing an advisory board with people I trust. If you're
going to grow, it makes sense to be around leaders that have been where you're
going. I don't want to take ten years to do something that could be done in

Investing in my team's growth. Being a great leader is about building leaders
around you. I want my team to think about three and six-month strategies. I
shouldn't be the only visionary.

These are some of the things I plan to do throughout this year. What are you
doing to ramp up for 2021?

Posted by Alexander Brooks on Facebook