As I continue my job search I am experiencing one of the main trends in the
recruitment of 2020.

I am talking about candidate experience (CX).

There are 3 types of companies out there.
Let's call'em: Sleeping, Awakened, and Enlightened.

Dear companies with poor CX, you suck.
You suck so much that you are not even aware of the fact that you suck.
Sleeping companies are the ones that don't call or email you back after the
They measure nothing and they don't know where their talent comes from.
They use old processes, old systems, and have no idea that data-driven business
is the new normal.

Those are the companies that have come to the realization that CX is crucial to
bringing in the best people on board but they still do very little about it.
The inertia of the system, old processes, slow and ineffective implementation.

And then, there are Enlightened.
Companies that give you the feeling of a personal touch.
Those who stay with you throughout the candidate's journey.
Time-to-fill, time-to-hire, the health of the pipeline - they not just measure
everything, they tie all KPIs to their business objectives.

Job Seekers,
CX becomes EX (employee experience)
Life is too short to work for someone who doesn't respect you.

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Posted by Chengeer Lee on LinkedIn