As a sales person starting a new quarter (and financial year for some), here are
10 things I’d recommend doing to sell more:

1) Cleanse your pipeline of all opportunities unlikely to move so you can focus
on good ones

2) Phone all customers you won in the last quarter and ask for referrals

3) Connect with every prospect you approached in the last quarter on LinkedIn

4) Reverse engineer your new target to build a plan. How many opportunities,
proposals, calls etc

5) Send a video or audio message via LinkedIn to opportunities that didn’t close
last quarter

6) Review opportunities that you lost and look at what you could have done

7) Listen back to your sales calls from last month/quarter, and look at how you
could improve

8) Start sharing content and building your personal brand on LinkedIn for
inbound lead gen

9) Review your LinkedIn profile views and content engagement for prospects and
message them

10) Start prospecting right now. And look at all ways you can focus on selling
and avoid wasting time

It’s a new month
It’s a new quarter
It’s a new opportunity

Celebrate your successes and learn from your failures

Then it’s time to go again

You have an amazing product

And there are people who need it

Go find them :)

#sales #prospecting #socialselling