As a 1st time Founder, I have made several errors that have cost BimaPe dearly.
I don't want you to make the same ones - so here's a short list:

1. Leaving no time for reflection post releases💭
- You should apply the 'Lean' framework of 'Build, Measure and Learn' across the
- The results of reflection have been astounding for us; >75% decrease in
handover errors

2. Getting frustrated when progress is slow 😠
- Don't blame others; begin by identifying the root cause (use the '5 Whys'
- Quite often, I have underestimated the scope of work
- A bias for action is good but we've learned the hard way that you should
balance velocity with quality.

3. Exercising control instead of giving context 💫
- Building software is a creative discipline; Engineering & Product needs to
understand 'why' before 'what'
- Every PRD at BimaPe now begins with a 'context' paragraph with supporting

Reed Hastings (Netflix) summarizes this well:
- "Loosely coupled yet tightly aligned" (start with 'why')
- "Whisper your wins and shout your losses" (humility)
- "Sunshine projects" (discuss lessons despite the outcome)

🤯We have shipped 11 new features in 15 weeks despite these errors (& grown >30%

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Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn