#Art_of_war #suntzu #winning_without_waging_war - 4

*Offence is the best Defense*

Sounds contradictory?

Let me explain it with a real industry example.

A cloud market leader like #AWS has to defend its no.1 position. For that they -

āœ… build moats with ecosystems & certifications
āœ… highlight their customer centricity
āœ… bring out vertical specific offerings

Is it sufficient to combat the innovation going around?

Along with defense they play the game of offense - use their capital power &
keep acquiring tech companies like #E8storage & #Cloundendure.

Customer centricity + Innovation + Acquisition + Integration + Ecosystem ensure
- they are no. 1.

All of us are not #AWS. What to do in a challenger situation? Get eaten up?

Here are 3 quick tips-

1. If you are no. 2 like #Azure & competition is well within the range, directly
attack with pricing & offerings.

2. If you are small but have innovation by your side, build a niche, like
#Slack, #zoom, #mulesoft.

3. If you are a generalist - work at the periphery.

There are enough problems to solve.

Latch on to these problems & solve it for customers like #Tally, #Zoho are

Or join a giant ecosystem like me šŸ˜

PS: Same is true for office politics šŸ™ŠšŸ™Š

#defense vs #offense


Originally posted by Neha Agarwal on LinkedIn
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