Are you trying to do it all?

Post daily on IG
Create daily content on LinkedIn
Keep an empty inbox
Create 50 pieces of content daily
Read 500 books a year
10x my sales
Work 4 hours a week
Hustle while everyone else sleeps
Drop 20 lbs
Be a better Father
Do weekly dates with my wife

Even why I'm writing this my ClubHouse app is inviting me to join multiple
rooms. I feel the pressure from every side and shame starts to set in if I'm not
doing it all. What do I do?

I have three options:
Feel like crap daily
Clone myself (which would make a lot of ladies happy!)
Choose based on priorities

I can't do it all, and I'm tired of trying. This year is about the ideal. I know
what really matters to me and I'm going to focus on that, regardless of what the
loudest voices are telling me to do.

Stop trying to do it all! What are you going to focus on this year?

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Posted by Jack Fussell on LinkedIn