Are you looking for a job but not getting any success?

Job search is a time taking process which could last months

"I am just not finding THE job, something is wrong with me"

Is a common statement that I heard from peers and students

As days go by, people tend to get more critical of self

And tend to feel:

▶️ Low on Confidence

▶️ Out of Patience and Snap at people

▶️ Lost and worthless as if life has no meaning to it

And if you are someone who feels the same, then try this:

🔰 Do NOT apply all day long! Schedule your day better.

🔰 Try and read about newer industry trends

🔰 Maintain time for gym, sports or a passion

🔰 Talk to friends and de-stress on a daily basis

🔰 Give self a pep-talk every morning and re-start

Take your job search one day at a time

You will find the RIGHT job. Just hang in there :)

Just ensure that you get time to re-boot on a daily basis!

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Posted by Devan Bhalla on LinkedIn