Are you doing these 3 mistakes while NETWORKING?

1. मुझे रख लो (keep me for a job)

Asking for a job to someone is something similar like asking "will you marry
me". Better build relation First.

Engagement with your contact whom you are going to ask is more important.

2. मुझे क्या मिलेगा (what you give me)

How come other contact will give you all without knowing what you will give in
return. Always talk about "WHAT I CAN GIVE YOU" first before asking to give. In
every business (profession), relationship (personal) both parties must share
VALUE to EXCHANGE for longterm working together. Even many times, people don't
respect others time assuming सब वेहले हैं

3. You don't have face value. In modern world, if your facebook and linkedin
profile shows funny pics rather than own pic as cover, your contact would avoid
you. Build your own website, tell everybody that what you like what you don't,
what's your current and past companies. Talk about your journey. Build personal
brand that you have value as a PERSON also.

Hope this is helpful

Happy Day. Enjoy!

Posted by Rakesh Sidana on Facebook