Are you a web developer or aspiring to be a web developer?

If you are already a web developer (you would agree with me hands down) and if
you are aspiring to be one, I have a question for you?

What's the most intimating thing to know in web development (at least it has
been for me and for many folks like me)?

It's API. API's are the holy grail of web development. There's a joke that goes
in dev circle that if a student understands API, they understand web

I will be taking a master class on API's on 3 Jan. I can bet that this will be
an experience of lifetime. I will teach you that what is an API, how does API's
work and also help you to build a mini project.

P.S:- The course is free for first 3 folks who register and for rest I am
charging 499.

Are you interested? (You should really be!) For the next steps, please check the
first comment.

OM Bharatiya Sagar Choudhary - Guys, please give a shoutout.

Posted by Deepak Kumar on LinkedIn