Are you a panic attack optimizer?
I know someone who do panic attack optimization and ruining his projects
Every machine learning based platform takes time to learn and deliver results
Facebook Ads and Google Ads are one of them
If you launched a campaign don't touch it or even see it atleast for min 3 days
max 7 days
Because if you see it its a human nature you will panic " sale nhi aa rhi sale
nhi aa rhi " and start doing unnecessary changes in the campaign
If you are afraid of loosing money sart with low budget but provide your
campaigns space to breath
sometimes campaigns start giving results after 1 month, yes its true
I was working on a ecom project google ads
Launched the campaigns optimizing them accordingly but no sales for a month
spend around $400
and after a month 1campaign from 4 started performing with positive roas and now
the account is stable
I am not telling you to wait for a month, sometimes i turn off the ad groups
after 4th day its completely depend upon your product, niche and margin
Thank you

Originally posted by Amit Rajlaxmi Pansia on Facebook