Are freshers the most confused?

Most of the people are confused when it comes to careers.

Graduation is the most enjoyable phase in our lives. And then the reality of
facing the World may kick start in the pre-final year.

Not many will have family businesses.
Not many get selected in campus placements.
Not many know what career they want to choose.
Not many know which company is good to join.

Internet is a great friend. Check him out
Friends give lot of inputs. Stay in touch with them.
Family members, seniors, elders, experienced professional can guide you. Talk to

You can not avoid confusion. You can try to reduce it.

1. Talk to yourself to find what you love to do. Not just one. It may be more
than one that are not related. Ex: software development ( because it gets you
money?) or professional photographer( passion?)

2. Have clarity on whether you are mentally prepared to love whatever job you
get, eve if it is not your passion. Address a new challenge with interest. It
may become your passion.

3. Not every one gets a job of his passion. It is Ok. You may take up whatever
comes your way, get some experience and money. Then look out to exploit your

Love what you do. It will do wonders.

PS: Confusion opens many doors. Enjoy the confusion!

Posted by Ramesh Kumar on LinkedIn