Are EMOJIS taking over the planet? 🤨🤫👀

Hands up if you believe emojis can replace punctuation. (🤨🙃😳🤔)

Hands up if you think emojis HAVE replaced punctuation. (🤨🙃😳🤔)

Do you think it matters?

(Did anyone see where these little guys came from?)

Are there certain people you would never use emojis for when communicating with

Do you think it won’t be long until emojis start appearing in printed text, e.g.

Does this indicate a ‘dumbing down’ of the written word?

A lack of confidence in the reader’s ability to interpret?

A fear of the reader mistaking the writer’s intention?

Or maybe you think they’re cute and harmless, they’re emojis for heavens’ sake.

(Maybe you are an emoji ...?)

I’d love to see your thoughts below.

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Posted by Eve Wanderer on LinkedIn