...aptly captures today’s mad-rush towards Performance/Digital Marketing without
a firm grip on the robust brand strategy & core thinking. Every digital ninja,
every digital evangelist, every digital samurai, every digital cowboy or cowgirl
should pause and realize that #PerformanceMarketing does not substitute the good
ol’ #BrandStrategy (Mainstream Advertising agencies)...but emerges out of it!
The whole box of tools, devices, nuts & bolts, number crunchings, analytics,
nano-mini-xxxx influencers etc would fall flat, if the brand does not have a
laboriously thoughtout and neatly laid down brand strategy (the most crucial one
anchored in “what the brand brings to the table”, “who it is meant for” -
psychographic and demographic profiling and the human insight etc), especially,
in these days, where retaining or sustaining that brand differentiation/that why
me increasingly is becoming difficult). The big Flight happens from the

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