Apple's CEO Tim Cook refused to meet Elon Musk during Tesla's darkest days in
2017. Musk wanted to sell Tesla, which was a few weeks away from total collapse.
Cook wasn't interested. Cut to the end of 2020, Musk has added $100b to his net
worth, made his shareholders 8x richer & turned Tesla into the world's most
valuable automaker.

And he literally sold all the Tesla cars & trucks all by himself. Tesla still
spends ZERO dollars on paid advertising. While his Twitter rants are random &
eccentric, his millions of followers are real & reliable. Even as 'analysts'
kept reminding them how overvalued Tesla is, they kept buying Tesla shares. And
Teslanaires are the new millionaires.

Cook, a thorough gentleman, was not wrong in rebuking the man who once called
Steve Jobs a 'jerk'. But while Jobs was a great salesman, Musk is the engineer
who slept on the Tesla factory floor to lead from the front in 2017. Not because
it was cool but because it was necessary.

Indeed, Tesla is overvalued, Musk is arrogant and both will fall someday. But
something has to be said of the man who earns only to burn all his billions to
chase his childhood dream of living on Mars.

If you think Musk will never make it to Mars, think again.

Some men just wanna prove the world wrong.

Posted by Yashaswi Kumar on LinkedIn