Anyone that offers an SEO package does not know how to do SEO.

Every site is unique. With competitors making changes daily and Google making 8
to 10 algorithm changes each day there is no way to design a package for a year
in advance to get you to the top-3 positions for your many keywords. No major
company doing SEO is even considering packages – all are customized around their
specific site needs.

The best solution is to take an agile team of experts and have them define a
program over and over in 4-week sprints. Every 4 weeks you would determine what
is important and redefine the project. And if you want top-3 rankings for
competitive terms they had better be experts with 10+ years of experience… you
do not want a novice determining your digital future, or you have none.

How can you trust anyone that tells you what you need for the next year before
examining the intimate workings of your site? Or do they have a copy of a
super-secret Google plan for the next year?

Sorry, no packages here.


Posted by Bruce Clay on LinkedIn