"Anupam, how do I know which Mutual Fund scheme is best?", asked a close friend
of mine.

I was happy he asked.

More often than not, without actually knowing where to invest, people just start
investing money.

Investing money is a skill - you need to learn it and then practice it.

How do you pick the best Mutual Funds?

- Start with listing your Goals
- Pay attention to the Fund Manager, Turnover Ratio & Expense Ratio
- Check the size of the Mutual Fund scheme
- The list is long.

From shortlisting Mutual Funds to monitoring them to some unknown insights, I'll
tell you everything.

I am coming up with a powerful Mutual Funds Excellence Program, starting from
this 11th December.

I'll be taking limited people only.

For more information, the link is in the comments :D

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