Andrew Carnegie: One Of The Greatest Rags To Riches Story Ever

For generations the Carnegies had been master handloom weavers. But as the
industrial revolution introduced steam-powered looms, the family business

-Carnegie's family became so poor they'd go to sleep early to "forget the misery
of hunger." He later wrote "It was burnt into my heart then that my father had
to beg (for work). And then and there came the resolve that I would cure that
when I got to be a man."

Carnegie took a job as a telegrapher and assistant to a local railroad man for
an impressive salary of $35 a month. By 1900, Carnegie Steel produced more steel
than all of Great Britain.

-In 1901, Carnegie, 66, sold his steel company to JP Morgan for $480 million,
half of which went to the Carnegie. The combined company was called United
States Steel Corporation. Andrew died as one of richest person in the world, he
was born poor but he made sure he died rich !!!

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