The pandemic has changed the world in many ways for everyone and true for #india
too. And while it’s been difficult, challenging, had millions of #jobs gone and
many a #business shut down/ pivot there’s also been acceleration in various
areas and of course phenomenal #technology advancement, created new #startups

The pharma industry is definitely one of those and creating the vaccine in such
short a span has literally been a miracle. Just to think of a time at our
independence when we received penicillin from Canada then to now be sending over
lakhs of doses to Canada to Justin Trudeau we’ve come a long way

For the cynics who continually think India is not growing it’s worth a notice.
Of course this would not have been possible without the #research and work at
Bharat Biotech International Limited and others and a lot of this is the effort
of our very own Prime Minister too who has been a massive reason for the
country’s growth through the pandemic

For many it may not sound worthy of praise, but this is a story that generations
ahead will read about and we’ll have tales to tell

It’s an India 2.0 and one that millions of us are proud of and that we should be
sharing this one across the world



Originally posted by Dr. Kushal Sanghvi on LinkedIn