An interesting story of a fake website which makes Real Profit.
Kansas woman named Linda Katz wanted to learn html and how to make a website.
She made a mock website that advertised tumbleweeds for sale as a joke, Linda
Katz created the "Prairie Tumbleweed Farm," a make-believe Internet company that
supposedly sold the dry, rolling shrubs: $15 for a small one, $25 for a big one.
Then real orders started rolling in. So she had to rustle up some tumbleweeds
for Hollywood movie sets. The Prairie Tumbleweed Farm even has Web page
translation for Japanese consumers! Katz's initial lark has been profitable.
After 13 years in the international tumbleweed trade, she began receiving an
average of 15 orders per week reportedly makes about $40,000 a year.
She even sold some tumbleweeds to NASA to build and test obstacles for Mars

Originally posted by Vennela Gangishetti on Facebook