An influencer shared my content with 100,000 followers.

He then shared it with 25,000 email subscribers.

It cost me $0. How?

I gave him exclusive access to my content

Content that was highly relevant and specific to his industry.

I reached out to him using my email template

I offered him a preview before it went live

And once published, he shared it with his network

(I didn't even ask)

I’ve used the exact same email template with several influencers. It's worked.
Every. Single. Time.

That piece generated 130,000 visits and more than 5,000 qualified leads.

It’s one of the best campaigns I've ever ran.

Want to get started with B2B influencer marketing?

Here’s how:

1. Create amazing content (it has to be top 1%)

2. Identify key influencers (I use Followerwonk)

3. Make the content sexy (it has to LOOK good)

4. Send them an email (use my template below)

5. Go live with the content

Why does it work?

Influencers get dozens of requests per day.

99% of the time, it’s useless and has no value.

So, think about how you can use content to help them.

To make them look good.

Do that, and they'll happily promote YOUR content to THEIR network.

P.S. Want the email template I used to contact influencers?

Comment YES below.