An HR friend on LinkedIn reached out to me.
She was hiring for the role of Country Director for an upcoming Beer brand in
Very niche.
Very lucrative.

I pulled mine connects and referred her to a friend’s profile(with his
permission) who was a CEO at an Established Advertising company.

Great guy. Super successful. Took this Advertising company from the brink of
bankruptcy to not only being profitable but growing, with a great culture and
long-term plans. Before he got there, it was pretty awful.

So, the HR responds back that this is not their guy. The company wants someone
with relevant industry experience.

Such responses piss me off.

So I say, "what is the difference if it's an advertising company, leadership is
about people/culture/growth, not products. YOU reached out to me for reference
so Take 15 minutes and talk to the guy."

She agrees. Long story short, my friend just signed an employment agreement to
be their new CEO.

It doesn't really matter if your company sells beer or ads or hairpin,
leadership is universal.

While hiring we need to STOP looking out with preset rules, because with these
rules we might miss out on the right candidate.


Originally posted by Tushar Suhalka on LinkedIn