An ad for #Saffola honey in the dailies today is the latest salvo in the running
battle #Marico has been having with Dabur for many months.
#Dabur is the leader in the #honey market which has exploded this year as
consumers seek to bolster immunity. My guess is it must be in the region of Rs
2,000 crore. Saffola is a new entrant.
Dabur first took Saffola to court alleging that the packaging design closely
resembled its own and could mislead consumers. Then two months ago it ran an ad
in which it scoffed at copycat honey brands.
Now that a #CSE investigation has found that most leading honey brands,
including Dabur and #Patanjali, have sugar added, it is the turn of Marico's
Saffola - which passed the test - to gloat.
Hence the claim in today's ad that Saffola is 'India's purest honey'.
Since an NMR test is central to the current dispute over purity, Saffola has
driven the knife in deeper by offering to mail a purity certificate to
My questions to you all: What will be the next turn in this battle? How much
market share can Saffola gain? How should Dabur respond?

Posted by Sreekant Khandekar on LinkedIn