Amongst all the things about Clubhouse, one thing has stood out the most for me.
Did you ever check the Clubhouse app icon?

Clubhouse changes its app icon with every new version release, this is quite
unique. When every brand tries to keep their app icon consistent, they have gone
against the norm.

The app icons are real portraits of people who have been a very active part of
the community.

It not only makes it stand-out from almost all the identical looking social
media icons, it demonstrates that the company is truly built with its community
at the centre of everything.

To me it sounds like a perfect masterstroke, what is your opinion?

P.S: I have 4 Clubhouse invites, would love to share them with people who
genuinely want to explore the product. Reach out in comments or DM.

#Clubhouse #UI #Design

Originally posted by Chirag Gander on LinkedIn