Amazon's newly launched wearable device 'Halo' is steaming through the market
with new partnerships everyday!

At a standalone price of ~ $76.05 and a monthly wellness subscription fee of ~
$3.99, Halo comes in *much* cheaper than the Apple Watch 5 (~ $399) albeit with
a marginally smaller feature set..

Halo's list of partners is growing steadily:
1. Cerner: ~ 26% EHR (Electronic Health Record) market share in USA. Halo users
can sync their wearable data with their EHR data - this is goldmine for
Healthcare and Insurance professionals!
(Pratyush pointed out that AWS and Cerner have signed a number of partnerships
since 2019!)

2. Vitality: Halo users who link their Vitality Health Insurance get 3 years of
Halo subscription for FREE!
- That's ~ $143.64 or x2 the watch price
- Why are they doing this? Apple Watch has been the dominant partner for
Vitality - is Amazon trying to unseat Apple? Probably..

3. Lab partnerships: ~ 15 partners including Mayo Clinic

What fascinates me about Halo is how they've rolled up their Healthcare
'infrastructure' offerings into a consumer offering; could this tie into Amazon
Care or Haven - both of which are employee benefits focused ventures?

#insurtech #healthtech

Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn