Alright fellas

You know what day it is!

Let's have a look at some amazing pranks...

🔸PayPal - The 'money-coming-out-of-the-phone' may seem an impossible invention,
for it sure is illegal. 🙅‍♂️

When the PayPal UK team posted about this on Twitter, people actually believed
and got elated!

Little did they knew it was just a prank.

🔸Kingfisher - Who wouldn't love to have an instant beer sachet in the pockets?
Kingfisher introduced just that....or did they? 😉

🔸Tinder - No one really said it out loud but Tinder knew many of their users
you many wanted this feature.

The Tinder Height Verification.

When posted on Twitter, every short guy went on a deleting the app spree (just
kidding 👀)

Alright, but seriously, which brand had you at first?

Let me know! 👇

#aprilfoolsday #marketing