Almost three years ago, I moved from Seattle to Chicago in a tough situation
because the company I had a job lined up for ended up going in a different

I needed something in the meantime, so I called up a recruiter and they quickly
set me up with a temp email marketing gig at this company I had never heard of
called G2 Crowd. The original contract was for 90 days haha!

Looking back at everything I've had the pleasure of learning and sharing with my
peers over these past few years is heartwarming. I'm proud and fortunate to have
been a part of it all.

Next week I'll be joining the super cool HubSpot team as an SEO Strategist.
While I'm sad to say goodbye to G2, I'm excited to jump on a new adventure with
the HubSpot team and have some fun with "eating the SERPs" as I've heard them

Posted by Alan Santillan on LinkedIn