*Akshar Pathak appreciation post*
Everytime I get advice about using the right hashtags, posting at the right time
of the day, using reels because they have more reach, Making people comment or
share myself, a part of me sinks.
It feels unnatural and desperate to me.
I later think of a counter example. Akshar Pathak. Doesn't do Reels. Doesn't
have to use hashtags for reach. Doesn't share his posts in Instagram story,
blocking the view so people visit profile to see the post. Pure, genuine
He is truly a content creator. Because content does the work. I look forward to
an Akshar Pathak post everyday.
Everyone suggesting algorithm gaming is a growth hacker. It is okay to be one.
But I create content for content. Goal is to put a smile on your face.
I understand some people (and brands) do it for growth in numbers. But I forget
your content and hashtags a second after I consume them.
I remember Punit Pania's words: "Dunia ko chahiye Mujra. Humko na aata hai, na
karne ka hai"

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